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Clash Royale: analysis, tips and tricks

If you’re looking for help with the Clash Royale, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find your way to success in Clash Royale with tips, strategies and advice. Of course if the experience is a degree not hesitate to comments some tips for beginners.

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Android Royale is a mix between Tower Defense and card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

The characters and assets are very similar between the two games. We archers, giant balloons and goblins but you also feel comfortable managing gold, elixir and gems.

Clash royale 1
A board with two bridges. / © AndroidPIT

The fight takes place in a separate board into two parts by a small river on two bridges crossing. Your troops guards up his sleeve and is shaped like letters. Each letter is a character or an attack and can improve getting chests.

If just three minutes that lasts a match winner is the one who has downed more towers. Once you loose a figure on the board this gets its way without being able to control, but you know what you find will attack first.

Score hero hacks

Choose well your down war

In its basis in a card game in which you can choose your deck or deck. Therefore a balanced deck will be the first step to success. By winning battles you will get chests containing cards to improve your troops and gold to pay for their development or training. The more cards will get your army level but rising level of each character also will cost gold.

With the gems you’ll be able to satisfy your impatience skipping waiting times to open the chests. If you want to learn from the best also you can see other items from other players on TV Royale.

Clash Royale is a perfect blend of addictive card game and tower defense. Basically has taken the best elements of these two types to mix with the essence and style of Clash of Clans, retaining the Free2Play. Clash Royale Hack

Clash Royal 1

Clash Royale: Tips and Tricks

At the moment still it has not discovered any trick as such, but if we have some tips so you can progress better and make your way to victory is not so tortuous. Before starting I recommend you stay away from the ads or promotions that promise to give away gems, usually a scam.

Tips for beginners

From the beginning to the end of the game the key is to have a balanced team. The balanced combination of the units is essential.

Ignoring panic. The calm is a good that’ll have to manage. It’s okay to lose a tower. Who acts in haste usually arrive before defeat.

If you only have one minute you do not start throwing left and right units. Remember that you still have to protect your towers.

Start with giant and a ranged attack until you get the first tower and be aware of what your opponent.

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Tactic and strategy

Having a strategy can be important and this begins by choosing your cards. Put on your down both costly and more modest units, but do not decant just to have nothing but giants.

The golden rule: have units able to reach and destroy the towers quickly, as the air. On the other hand it will also require defend them.

Watch your opponent. Do not throw your troops haphazardly. Talk before the movements of your opponent and take advantage of them if you can.

First wait for your elixir bar reaches 10 before playing the first card.

If you are the first to destroy a tower you have much advantage and more likely to win. Do not let them eat ground, continues to protect your towers but now you have a chance to drop your troops in the field.

If you are the first to lose a tower not let the enemy advance more. While you can attack from afar with arrows and fireballs.

If the opponent sends a giant tower may be able to your protected but it will not come nothing wrong a little help.


How Christmas is celebrated in Peru?

The Christmas celebration is in Peru as in many countries an event, preparing for tonight demand several weeks in advance from fixing the exterior of the house with lights and all kinds of Christmas decorations, choose gifts for family members and awaited Christmas dinner. A date that certainly brings families together in peace, harmony and love.

 Christmas wallpaper

The holidays bring many celebrations, with family, friends and co-workers, even in parks and plazas children’s choirs singing carols presented.Commercial areas become crazy because everyone is spread the Christmas spirit. Some will choose to attend Midnight Mass and visit their relatives.

Starting from the Christmas dinner, there is a tradition for it. Classically not miss turkey, foaming, Pantheon and chocolate. Some accompany dinner with rice, applesauce or ensalada.La good night’s celebration is family, children are the center of the night.

All preen and excited to get the countdown of a good night.

When arriving at twelve o’clock all family members hug each other and wish you a Merry Christmas, then preferably the smallest of the house will be who put the baby Jesus in the manger, with the background sound not only carols but also of cuetecillos, the boys of all ages burst by the dozen.

Then comes the toast with a good foaming some know it as champagne.Almost always the head of the house who gives a few words and a reason to toast. Christmas light projectors

Then proceed to open the gifts that hours before were placed around the tree, the little ones are told that Santa Claus brought children for being good all year.

After opening the gifts the family sits at the table to share and enjoy Christmas dinner.

Tips to play good football

Now to the exercises:

1.Golpeo ball: Basically, there are three ways to hit the ball. Inside, extena and instep (three fingers some would say). So you start shooting at goal, 5 shots a day with each of the foot from three different angles.Would be 45 shots in total. Try to place the ball always in the same place of the goal.

2. Strength: For those shots, you will need strength in those feet. So make sure in addition to exercises like climbing stairs, lifting or any kind of exercise you do grow those muscles in your legs, your legs give it time to recover and get stronger. And for that, there is only sobretrabajarlas not rest properly and give them that time to get stronger.

3. Physical condition: starts to run, run and run. at least twice a week, he runs for half an hour and sees increasing time. We know that a match lasts 90 minutes, so you have to resist that time. Velo doing pococ by little until you do. Again, do not exceed your limit.

4. Control of the ball: Five minutes a day at least, play with the ball, dominating with all parts of your body except hands and arms (shoulders, head, back, neck, nose, etc are worth).

5. Head: First, practice your own. Go with that part of your head or your forehead rather, you can better position the ball and do not hurt or hurt. Once you know how to hit the head, you will need someone who will send air centers and will try to cabezear and embed the ball into the net.

6. Dribbling: For this, you need another partner. Your goal is to pass it to him yet and ball. You have to dare, so go and pass it . Partner changes constantly. the point is to learn to have the ball at your feet and move quitándote that annoying defense. Again, patience if you do not succeed at first, until Ronaldinho will come to remove the ball from time to time.

7. Defense: Same as above, except that now you will be annoying defense payback time.

8. Body: Learn how to make shoulder to shoulder load. You need a partner, enough strength and something for pain if your partner is more big than you.

9. Vision field: When in a game, it is important that moose head and look around passing addition to not lose sight of the ball. And you think you do, before you pass the ball. Once you have it , you do what you thought was best. WILL FAIL at first, but better with practice.

10. Centers: learn to command centers from the sidelines. You will need companion.

11. Profiles: If you are right, also practiced with the left foot. Unless you are Maradona, you have more possibilities to focus, shoot and dribble if you use both legs.

12. Shootouts. Obvious.

13. Motivation .: Although sometimes it seems that things do not go, do not go along or that the coach puts you on the bench. Be persistent and stay motivated. No more to be constant in practice.

14. Watch and learn from others. Especially those who are good. Look at what they do. As they watch the ball, as they move. As talk with peers. His look. Observes everything in detail. Try to get together with them, talk to them.Ask them , watch them , imitalos. surely, you’ll notice that they make mistakes, few perhaps, but commit them . You aprendeles to do and what not to do.

15. Playing football matches regularly (once a week). Preferably you need is toplay, so if that team where you are, his coach gets you. Subscribe to a league where you make your own team with your friends. if perhaps they are not as good and Golden. But you’ll be playing in a real field and facing game situations.

Not learn much in banking, however here, even losing, you will learn enough. Enough for now, I could go on all afternoon.One last tip. Think about the position you want to play and what is your role in the field. And make a plan. If you know what your role in the field, concentrate on being good in this role. nesecitas not be a great defense to head off great.Know what I mean? Do not forget to consult the doctor regularly, eat and sleep well.